Quality, affordable espresso coffee and hot chocolate for your cast and crew.

The On Location Coffee Co. we do exactly what the name suggests!.....provide freshly roasted espresso coffee and other hot delicious beverages to film and tv productions when on location.

What our name & logo doesn't tell you is the pride we take in the award winning coffee bean blend we serve to cast and crew with style and a smile! (Ok so right now we're smiling with our eyes due to our Covid masks but hey, we know that won't last forever) Or indeed the pride we take in our reliability, discretion and dedication to the film and tv industry exclusively.

On Location Coffee offer two services.

1) On Set Mobile Coffee Vehicle - Craft Services

Treat your cast and crew to our freshly ground espresso based coffee, tailored choice of teas and silky hot chocolate, to help keep them smiling energised and productive throughout the day or night. A selection of snack options can be added if required.

2) Pop Up Self Service Coffee, Tea and Water Station -

Unlimited award winning filter coffee and a selection of quality teas, piping hot and easy to operate along with 18.9 litre bottles of still mineral water with hand pump for easy distribution. Cups, lids, stirrers, syrups, sugar, and gazebo all provided as part of our hire package.


COVID-19 Safe

ECO Policy

Our Pop Up Barista Coffee Station

Our Pop Up Self Service Coffee/Tea/Water Station