The 'On Location Coffee Co'

You’re familiar with the script… You arrive at unit base, its cold and dark, you’re desperate for a hot drink and your only choices are freeze dried instant coffee, or luke warm tea.

Matt and Nige have rewritten that script to introduce new characters - hand-warming beverages such as freshly ground award winning espresso coffee, comforting bespoke tea, and delicious creamy hot chocolate, all served by a small team of highly trained Baristas with style and a smile. A team that all have experience of location filming and etiquette.

With a combined 40 years experience in the TV and Film business, they realised that it was often a struggle to get a proper coffee on location and decided to do something about it. That’s how On Location Coffee Co. was born - a branded bespoke service dedicated to the film and tv industry.

Matt and Nige really get the film business and what’s required whether it be on set or at unit base. They look forward to having a chat about either your production, life in general or football (one supports Arsenal the other Villa, but don't hold that against them!)

Give them a bell, their phones are always on.

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